Frequently Asked Questions


What Are The Membership Costs?

Membership to is just $47 per month. This membership fee includes use of all tools and applications on our site for the duration of your membership. You can leave at anytime you like if you do not feel that our service, scripts or applications are for you.

Will You Be Adding More Scripts/Applications?

Yes, we add new scripts, applications and features to the site every month. These scripts are either decided by us or suggested by our members. If you would like to see a certain feature on our site then either ask in our forum or email us.

What Hosting Requirements Do I Need?

Our Windows desktop applications require nothing more than .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile to run which is available for free from Microsoft's website & more than likely already installed on your machine.

We do not have any illegal / warez scripts and all of our scripts are extremely lightweight meaning that you can run our PHP scripts from a shared host. The only requirement for our PHP scripts is PHP5+ (Which is standard on 99% of linux servers) and the ability to run Ioncube loaders. We recommend using AbeloHost, their hosting accounts are sufficient for our scripts.

Can I Share The Scripts / Programs?

No. Our scripts are for your use as a member only. Everyone of our admin panels that we create for our scripts onsite is also ioncube protected. The user side of our scripts is 100% unencrypted. This has been done to prevent our hard work from being stolen but at the same time to not cause an extra load on your server.

Can I Use Your Scripts On Multiple Domains / PC's?

We allow use of up to 2 domains per license & also a 2 PC license for our desktop software. Included in the BlackHatToolz membership is one single license. Additional licenses can be purchased at $15 per month.

Do You Have A Refund Policy?

Yes! If you are not satisfied with our software, scripts, support or anything about the site then email us within 7 days of signing up & we will send you a full refund.

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