Image Cookie Stuffer Script V.1.01 + WordPress Plugin Compatible

Blackhat Image Cookie Stuffer Script V.1.01

Description: This script allows you to cookie stuff your site's traffic with affiliate cookies.

The script allows you to blank / remove the referring URL, use a CTR controller on your campaigns, include an affiliate link rotator, block/allow referring URL's & IP's & more!.

Unlimited campaign allowance.

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Image Cookie Stuffer Script Features

  • Dynamic Campaign Generation Through Our Unique Admin Panel
  • Self Hosted Script
  • Run Unlimited Campaigns
  • Blanks Referring URL For MSIE
  • Ouputs Stuff Code In HTML & BBCODE
  • Full Log, Hit, Stuff, Block Tracking Including Detailed Information Of Each Hit
  • Ability To Stuff Users Every X Hours
  • Affiliate Link Rotator
  • CTR Controller
  • Enable / Disable Campaigns Instantly
  • Custom Images / Image Names
  • Allow / Block Referring URL's
  • Block IP Addresses
  • Light-Weight Database & File Storage System

This is an image cookie stuffer script. Cookie stuffing is the act of forcing a cookie into a browser without your affiliate's landing page ever appearing on the users screen, thus earning you commission for any sales that this user will make.

This is an extremely blackhat script & should be used only where you have been given permission to use it. BlackHatToolz will not be held responsible for any losses caused by this script or by any misuse of this script.

Strictly not to be used with the eBay affiliate program.

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