Viral Twitter Script V.2.1

Viral Twitter Script V.2.1

Description: The most viral black hat Twitter script available today with tons of features, full admin panels & more!

Includes tweeter, follower, list adder, offline poster, randomizer, trending hashtagger & other viral features.

Lightweight cookie system + token system.

Viral Twitter Script V.2.1 Features

  • Locks Off Content Until User Has Installed Application
  • Self Hosted Script
  • 100% Secure Locked Content
  • Tweets To User's Profile Upon Installation
  • Follow Chosen Account Upon Installation
  • Adds Chosen Account To All of Users Lists Upon Installation
  • Random Tweet Selection
  • Trending Hashtag Adder - Generates Serious Amounts Of Additional Traffic!
  • Multiple Trending Hashtag Adder
  • Geo-Targeted Trending Hashtag Adder
  • Tokenized Tweets
  • Random User Selection (For Follower & List Adder)
  • Offline Access Token Tweeter
  • Banned Application Detection & Notifier
  • Easy To Customize HTML Files
  • Token Usage To Personalize Pages
  • Lightweight Cookie System
  • Full Admin Panel Which Stores Individual Installs, Global Stats & Setup Page

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